Introduction to Monitors for Photographers, Videographers, and Retouchers

You may have the best camera and lenses, but the images you create as a photographer or videographer, may not look good, unless you don’t have a good monitor. Therefore, when it comes to preview and editing images; the resolution, color space and panel technology matters. So, it is vital to get a decent monitor that meets your requirements within an affordable price range.


Kristal Elma Advertising Awards – Silver!

Last year we’ve made a shooting for Vodafone – gps tracking system advertising with Team Red Istanbul and this year the ads were nominated for Kristal Elma Advertising Awards;
the images won Silver award (p.s: no golden award is given on it’s category)
Thanks to the team!

Photographer: Burak Erzincanli
Advertising Agency: Y&R Team Red – Istanbul
Creative Director: Ayşe Aydın
Creative Group Heads: Erkan Kaya, İlker Dağlı
Art Director: Efe Kaptanoğlu
Copywriter: Can Yıldız
CGI & Retouch: Bee Istanbul

“Keep eyes on your fleet with Vodafone vehicle tracking system”

Here are the images: